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The True Motion Of Earth And Its Axis

The Cosmology Of Axis Mundi & Its Geometry In Motion

Think of Earth’ motion like the motion of the Moon, with one side always facing Earth, so-called phase-locked or tidally locked to the Sun, as the basic motion and then add to it a 24 hour rotation CCW and a daily Axis Angle Direction Forward Ticking Clock Wise, a little less than 1° per day.

That’s it, that simple !

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The True Motion Of Earth And Its Axis
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Think of Earth’ motion like the motion of the Moon, with one side always facing Earth, so-called phase-locked or tidally locked to the Sun, as the basic motion and then add to it a 24 hour rotation CCW and a daily Axis Angle Direction Forward Ticking Clock Wise, a little less than 1° per day. That’s it, that simple !

1.) The True Motion Of Earth & Its Axis

Similar to how the moon rotates around the sun. Always the same side facing the star.

Add the motion that you think of as Earth’ Wobble; like what you think is causing the Precession of the Equinox; Clock Wise, to the right.

Add the daily rotation around itself Counter Clock Wise.

The first two motions are seemingly annihilating each other so that it seems that Earth’ Axis is always fixed and pointing to the same direction in the outer space.

And what then makes the Precession of the Equinox ?

Well, it’s the same phenomenon and mechanics: The Sun and the Whole Solar-System is phase-locked aka tidally locked to its Greater Star which our Sun is rotating around, too !
Whether that is Alcyone, which some say is actually Tara and not Alcyone, or any other star doesn’t matter for right now for we first have to understand the basic mechanical principal in its fullest and then we can apply this to the actual stars further out there.

We know Earth is doing the revolution around the sun and the rotation around itself, ok.

But what we didn’t understand until i discovered it, is why the Earth Axis is, while earth is revolving , seemingly fixed to a certain direction in space when viewed from outside the solar system. I know, science is telling you it is because of  inertia but,  well, in fact there is no such a kind of inertia !

Inertia was invented, like so very often in science, when they don’t know a thing about something but don’t want to give up on their false assumptions and theories. It’s proven already by the new understanding of physics, so i don’t have to waste my time with that anymore.

Now imagine earth is rotating around the sun and imagine the axis is tilted at 23,4° to the sun and let it rotate while imagine the axis always pointing to the sun, the center of that motion pattern.
Obviously, in reality, it is not doing it like this, because if it would do so, there would be summer all year on the north side of the earth.

Then now ask yourself: What force is pushing the axis per quarter year an additional 90° to the right, meaning clockwise, so that it is as it can be observed in reality ? As I explained there are two different kind of motions responsible for it.
These two movements are kind of annihilating each other,  if viewed not from the Earth but from outside the solar system, the galactic space.

That’s why we obviously never really thought about it. We just never recognized that we don’t have a sufficient explanation for our own Earth’ movement – because it seems to be fix !

That movement is what I’ve called the Syrian Dance.

It’s the kind of movement we think of when we describe The Wobble of Earth which leads to what is called the Precession of the Equinox.

Now, what is the Sidereal Day

There seems to be a misunderstanding.

The rotation of Earth Itself is Not 23 56 hours long as currently stated by Official science !

That would be the so-called misunderstood Sidereal Day, which is not a full rotation.

Sidereal Day just means the same position of the stars at 23 56 o’ clock as in the night at midnight the day before; but that doesn’t mean full rotation is 23 56 h.

The sidereal day is just the following: Not a real full rotation around Earth’ own axis.

It just means that after 23 56 hours of a rotation the night sky is in the seemingly same position as in the night at midnight before. And that’s because this nearly 4 minutes earlier equalizing the wandering, the changing of the position, of earth throughout one day on her way around the sun.

You see, Earth is wandering 1/365 every day including the ‘curving’.

By Curving or Ticking I mean the tiny little movement which is necessary to adjust so that always the same side would face thee sun !

Like the moon is doing, which i explained above, so that the way you see the stars at 23 56 o’clock is in the same relative position and direction as at midnight the day before.

And at 24 o’clock, midnight, it has slightly changed.  Like the clock ticking further one step every day.

Meaning the real, actual own rotational period of Earth is 24 hours !

Meaning the current model, including the explanation via inertia is close to reality but not that what actually really happens.

The motion is just slightly different than official current science and thus public opinion says it is.

So, the rotation duration is 24 hours. The mark at 23 56 o’clock would be more precisely called: The Sidereal Point, but is wrongly called the Sidereal Day.
And it has surely the same duration: 24 hours from one sidereal point to the next and not 23 hours plus 56 minutes, that would be a false assumption !

Full rotation is 24 hours and being 24 hours, the explanation with inertia doesn’t add up, like i explained, because sunrise would be every day 4 minutes later !

Extrapolate that to one full wandering around the ’clock’ aka around the sun in one year, it’s obviously:

Sunrise is not 4 minutes later every day but going for and back throughout summer and winter.

Now, when you do assume Earth’ own rotational period would be just 23 56 hours, as the current false official model suggests, one is able to create a pretty close model to reality to what actually happens out there but one needs to introduce the ellipse.

And a few more special features in Earth’ motion in order to make it look satisfyingly correct.

But it is not and never was really fully correct, as the understanding of the basic motion of Earth and it’s Axis was incorrect, or at least incomplete.

Thus, when you calculate our position according to the motions I describe, The Syrian Dance aka The Wobble of Earth’ Axis clockwise and Earth being kind of phase-locked to the sun, then you will find:

The coordinates will match the true observed positions and angles of Earth towards the sun and the stars perfectly without the need to introduce an ellipse.

Anyway, to say it clear: That is not a very important point in my presentation. Ellipse or not, we gonna see but to understand the basic motion is of utmost importance to all our understanding of Planetary Mechanics and thus the Mechanics of The Cosmos at large.

Earth is revolving in a circle, not elliptical, that’s my guess, but as I said this is only a minor detail here.

Earth is revolving in a circle and by understanding the real positioning of our point of observation throughout the year now, we can see that misunderstanding is what made us think of an ellipse which we then projected outside and added it to the circle and thus making it officially an ellipse.

The explanation and model our current science is offering to explain the Earth’ movement around the sun and herself can not be correct for the following, very simple reason:
If it really would be as suggested, the sunrise would not be like earlier in summer and later in winter, in relation to the northern hemisphere, opposite for the southern one, but the sunrise would kind of ‘travel around the day’ a full cycle throughout one year.

Meaning sunrise would throughout the year be like: In the morning, late morning, midday, afternoon, midnight and then morning again !

Which is obviously not the case.

Because with this current, official model something crazy should be happening:
The day, the light period of the day, would wander around the earth, or should i say around the clock, once in one year. Meaning you would have sunrise at 6 h , three month later at 12 h, three month later at 18 h and three month later at 24 h, and three month later at 6 h again !

Obviously that’s not the case but instead the sunrise goes back and forth !

Now, that I’ve proved that your official model is definitely not working, you should understand how smooth and soft I tried to treat all of you by first trying to manage to perfect the new, at least more correct model, so you do not have to fall into the Abyss of Meaningless but can now easily transform from the old model smoothly to the readily available new model according to Sattler’s Law of Planetary Mechanics.

I would suggest to create a 3-fold calendar:

1.) Moon Calendar
2.) Sun Calendar – One revolution around the sun makes one year
3.) Earth Calendar –  One full cycle of Axis Wobble around itself. Might be sometimes slightly different from the sun-calendar

Like this, navigation through Space and Time should be more precise and thus less misunderstandings and misinterpretations should and will happen.

Oh and, to eliminate the ellipse even with the current not really exact model should be easy as well:

Just shorten the so-called sidereal day for 2/3 of a second (0,66666 seconds), which is the difference between 1/366 and 1/365 of 24 hours = 0,666 seconds.
Now feed your calculations with that number (23 h 56 min 3,433 sec ) instead of the official 23 hours 56 minutes and 4,099 seconds and you should be able to see:
Although 2/3 of a second is not much it does add up in approximately 90 days, from Spring & Fall Equinox to the Axis Tilting Maxima at the Summer & Winter Solstices and back again to approximately one minute, which is a significant enough distortion to create different coordinates and thus find yourself in need of introducing an ellipse into the model to smoothen it out.

There is a circle and no ellipse the coordinates and angles will fit the observed facts perfectly although, I do say it again: I have absolutely no emotional preference in whether its a circle or ellipse. It is what it is, so let’s find out how and if we are interested, why, all together.

And this is nothing else as the complicated way to calculate what I put forward in my far easier to comprehend model.

Oh and btw: Did you get the most important sentence in yesterday’s NASA’s press briefing about Trappist and the 7 Planets ? He only said it one time, very briefly and very silent:

“And these Planets are Tidally Locked to their Star !”

That’s exactly what I’m talking about all the time. With or without additional own Axis Rotation aka The Wobble aka The Syrian Dance.

I’ve called it Phase-Locked.


2.) Sattler’s Law Of Planetary Mechanics

I found the innermost point of the spiral, the so-called Krysthal Spiral River Host, The Spiral of Life, where Gravity becomes Magnetic, the turning point where counterclockwise becomes clockwise and why.

It’s super-easy: Demystifying The 666 !

Or maybe better The 999 !

Like i said before: The Earth’ Axis is tilted at an angle of 23,4° which actually means 66,6°.

Ok, now look at this:

There are three sixes. Or Nines, if one prefers ! Three circles running counterclockwise:

First: The Earth is running CCW around the sun, second the Earth rotates CCW around it self and now number three:

The Axis Itself is wobbling CCW around Itself, while Earth is revolving around the sun, nearly exactly one full Axis Rotation per one year aka one revolution around the sun. Now, look at the Earth, how she is tilted to the side at 23,4° and slowly do the wobbling motion OF the Axis around Itself, the tilted axis, the Cone or Conus and not the would-be straight one and you will see and recognize as a consequence a movement of the Earth, of the actual corpus of the Earth, rolling around along that Conus.

But now in a Clockwise outward movement !

That’s The Wobble of Earth, what I’ve called the Syrian Dance, which Earth is doing once a year and not, as our current science is saying, approximately once every 25700 years.

They haven’t understood the whole movement in its entierty and especially why it is doing these movements. You see when the Earth Axis would be straight, then you have this special case that Earth’ rotation around itself and the Earth Axis Rotation are resulting in the same movement, but the moment you start tilting the axis, a funny thing happens: They become different movements with different consequences for the behavior of this planetary body !

You can rotate a body outwardly or inwardly. Meaning around the proper straight axis or the Cone Axis. That’s what we didn’t quite understand and that’s why we didn’t properly understand the Earth’ true movement, because we mixed both these motions up and didn’t recognize it makes a huge difference.

That movement is the cause, that we think and perceive the Earth Axis as being seemingly fixed to one position in Space while rotating and revolving.

That’s it: That simple.

So I think we really should bring out that information and tell mankind the truth about our Home Planet.
As a consequence Earth is very probably, although that detail is not that important, revolving around the sun in a circle and maybe that’s what all planetary bodies do and we just falsely perceived it as elliptical because of the movements and Angle Changes that we didn’t fully understand.

And btw: That rule, which I explained, is universal and this Wobble is common to all Planetary Bodies which have a rotation and a tilted axis in relation to the plane of the Star System they are part of.

This is Sattlers Law of Planetary Mechanic !

3.) What Is A Pole-Shift & Why Is Venus Running Retrograde

So now with our growing understanding of the Plasma, Magnetical-Gravitation and the Earth Axis Tilting we are now able to explain what so-called Pole Switches and Pole Flips have been in the past, and what not.

It’s not that the field suddenly flips over while Earth, the material globe itself, is staying and moving the same, but it’s about the axis again.

When the tilting gets bigger and bigger and the angle is increasing more and more to become nearly 90°, not straight up but down, like the North Pole is pointing more and more to the Sun while Earth is spinning, there will be a moment when it flips over and the Geographical North Pole, meaning the actual physical tip of the sphere, goes over the Equatorial Line of the Solar System, turning the sphere up-side-down.

Probably that would be accompanied by a lot of catastrophes and cataclysms.

Now, the field and the direction of the flow of the sun and of the Solar System will stay the same as before but because the Earth is now up side down, the flow will be received and imprinted in the opposite flow direction. So not the field has changed but the Earth has flipped and thus we find these different directions of magnetic flows indicated in different geological sediments.

That is what has happend to Venus, that’s why Venus is running retrograde. Meaning it’s rotational direction is against it’s revolutionary direction around the sun. Venus is spinning clockwise, while she is going around the sun counterclockwise.

Now, please don’t worry, because there will be no Pole Shift.

Not on our watch !

Because it’s not decided by outside forces but by us and our understanding of these things so we know how to do it right. And for sure, our behavior and deeds and our conduct of the affairs of mankind based on that knowledge.

The only thing we have to achieve is this:

Humans respect other humans and treat each other as equals and are working together as one family. Then really everything will become nice, smooth, joyful and possible.

Share Stefan Sattler

4.) Inflation Of The Universe - Really ?

Today, I show you how to prove that there is no Inflation of the Universe in the way our current official science is promoting it !

Our measurements are correct but once again the interpretation is not correct. Again we didn’t quite understand our own point of reference, our point of observation, the true positioning of our own Earth.

So, we found out that there is no inertia and that’s why we needed a better explanation for the behavior of our tilted Earth Axis. Why it’s throughout revolving around the sun pointing always to the same direction in outer space. And so we found out about that Gravitation & Magnetism are in fact one inter-connected force,  which in turn helped us to understand The True Motion of Earth and it’s Axis throughout the year.

Gravitation moves Counterclockwise and Magnetic always Clockwise !

That’s what I’ve called the Syrian Dance, the Wobble of Earth’ Axis throughout one year clockwise while Earth is revolving around sun counterclockwise, initiated by the Gravitation-Field-Re-Flow which is responsible for the positioning of Earth’ magnetic field.

Now, let’s go beyond and let’s find out what exactly is the phenomenon of The Precession of the Equinox. It’s very easy as I said before:

What makes the Precession of the Equinox?

Well, it’s the same phenomenon and mechanics: The Sun and the Whole Solar System is phase-locked or tidally locked to it’s Greater Star that Sun is rotating around, too !

Whether that is Alcyone which some say is actually Tara and not Alcyone or any other star; but that doesn’t matter for right now for we first have to understand the basic mechanical principal in its fullest and then we can apply this to the actual Stars out there.

For example: It is said that the Milky Way Galaxy is spiraling around it’s center. So it might be possible that because of that spiraling the distances and angles between different stars are indeed changing and we would perceive that, over a very long observational period of time.

It’s said to take 200 million years for one full spiraling cycle !

Others are talking the last years about the so-called Helical System, meaning they are projecting Earth and the Planets circling or better spiraling around the sun while sun is flying through space. Which it does, for sure.

So, even if we find out that sun is flying around – we already said, it does  – the way they are projecting their model can’t be correct, when they put Earth’ moving direction orthogonal, meaning to a 90° angle, to the planetary plane of movements around the sun. Because then it doesn’t fit to the Zodiac anymore !

If there is an additional sun movement, it must be in the same vibration and spiraling plane as the planets are, at least roughly the same plane. Otherwise we wouldn’t have it correctly corresponding to the Zodiac.

Like the spiraling of the galaxy as a whole is in the same or at least roughly the same spinning plane, which is called the Galactic Equator, right ?

Another interesting consequence is this:

If you fully understand the picture I’m presenting here, you will find that the signs in the Zodiak are changing over time, meaning that all these seasonal associated meanings of astrological signs are not something which is fix or even eternal.

So, if you are dealing in astrology: Think about what it means that these energies aka entities are far from eternal, divine, unchangeable, godly, truly fixed archetypes !

If you’d ask me about my opinion about astrology my response is:

”No comment !”

Oh, and never forget that the Earth Axis Tilting Angle is in reality not 23,4° but it’s up side down, 90°-23,4° = 66°, which is resulting in 66,6°.

That would be your Famous Beast: A frickin’ Tilted Axis !

That would be the correct description and now we’ve solved and explained this, too.

Oh, and btw. the Axis is on the way to change,rise and straightened up again already !

And please, stop talking about the nonsense that this reality is a simulation. You’ve got to understand the difference between a simulation and something being interactive !

This Universe, The HoloPlasmatic Multiverse, is interactive, sure, but not a simulation !

We are touching here on a spiritual and philosophical question which is so old and so often already answered that it’s almost boring to go into detail.

Just imagine it like this:

Let’s say we are living in a dream, you Tec-Guys would say a simulation, but you are the Dreamt One and The Dreamer as well. You are both at the same time. That’s our nature as humans aka Beings of Consciousness, our nature as Conscious Beings !

That’s what’s all the fuss about: You are real and are really here and alive & living and you are interacting with The Living Cosmos and you have Free Will & Free Choice.

That’s the true, what you would call, Quantum Nature of Life: Not that there are billions of Yous simulated in countless Parallel Systems, that’s BS !

But that your consciousness and you yourself right here, right now are able to make decisions out of a billion possibilities and by choosing one it will become Reality and through that affects all other life and yours and, Yes, even throughout all time as well.

And if you still want to go on discussing this, I’m suggesting the following:

Come with me to the corner of this deep cliff over there, I go around it to the ground and you jump down this rocky cliff, some 200 meters, and then we meet down there on the bottom and if you really like to go on discussing the possibility of whether this is all a simulation, let’s do it – if you still can !

Abu Axis Mundi

5.) The Physics Of The Didgeridoo & The Scalar Wave

I’m writing this to make a suggestion for a maybe interesting, physical experiment.

I want to try by playing the Didgeridoo, no touching,  just via frequencies, to bring mass aka weight onto your instruments and scales.

As I said, I am playing passionately for over 20 years and have become not too bad at it.

The Didgeridoo, an Australian kind of flute that belongs similar to the trumpet to the so-called in German, Polster-Pfeifen-Instrumente. Like trumpet, organ, bagpipe, etc, which has something to do with the way the sounds are produced.

In short, it’s about Standing Waves.

Different from for example flutes, there is no possibility for the air to disappear. That’s why you can play chromatic scales, dissonante tones, as well. So you have to learn to let the air aka the sound wave flow along the geometry of the wave structure through your Didgeridoo, this wooden, from the Australian sun dried and by termites hollowed out tube of a Tree Trunk from several different Eucalyptus Trees.

Very often i have to think about  The Camel Going Through The Needle Eye !

It’s like riding the overtones through it and beyond. As you become more and more one with this wooden tube it is as if your breath, your voice is perfectly unlocking a secret safe lock; not only within yourself but within the Didgeridoo as well.

Many times I liked to imagine, how the air and with it the molecules move because so many scalar waves are turning the air plasmatic, where then there are movements, sounds, rhythms, multi-voices, speeds and synchronicity possible, which are almost unimaginable !

It sounds and feels so alive that since playing the Didgeridoo, the story of  The Trumpets of Jericho have gotten a total different meaning to me.

Think also about what Nicola Tesla did, when he let the skyscrapers in New York and elsewhere dance via scalar waves.

The art of playing the Didgeridoo is a little like balancing. That’s why i always say: Search the middle of the middle of the middle of the middle !

Deep inside the middle, the center there is or comes into existence an Equilibrium and then quite magically,  just by itself, the next overtone will materialize out of itself, and than the next and so forth and so on.

And after a while you feel like being blown. No effort needed anymore, like it is flowing through you, very smooth but at the same time mighty and strong and funny, like your lungs are dancing.

There is a medical saying: The alveolar gas exchange happens with the Respiratory phase, meaning the gas exchange, oxygen vs carbon dioxide, happens while Exhaling.

Deep inside the Lungs, the Alveols, there are some kind of valves which are shutting down while inhaling, I guess, it’s for protection purpose of the inside, and opening up while Exhaling.

So the Exhaling is the important part of breathing !

Same with the Didgeridoo: Inhaling, Circular Breathing/Open Breathing System, seems difficult but your body is doing it by itself; just stop thinking about how. The breathing out is what is the true art.
And through Circular Breathing you can keep this inside open for a long period of time. One hour or longer, no problem, effortless. And it is vibrating and oscillating itself higher and higher, like a feedback loop into a feedback loop into a feedback.

I guess, that’s the way Free Energy Generators should work:

Implosion and not explosion !  Thank You, Mr Viktor Schauberger !

In Aboriginal Mythology there are a lot of myths about the life-giving and healing properties of The Didgeridoo aka The Yidaki. They are even bringing people back to life, even Creation itself has been brought back onto the right track by blowing the Didgeridoo.

That’s my favorite Aboriginal Myth about how the Creation Twin Sisters got saved.


Hypothesis About The Physics Of The Feinstofflichkeit - The Fabric of Energy Matter or Non Matter Matter

Might it be possible that these Non Matter Energies are moving and flowing according to the so-called Krysthal Spiral (0,1,2,4,8,16,32,64,-) and not, like seemingly all Matter on Earth, according to the Fibonacci Sequence (1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55-) and what they call Sacred Geometry.

I prefer to call this so-called Sacred Geometry and its Flower of Life ‘La Fleur du Mal’ or The Flower of Death and Decay !

The Krysthal Spiral is more Anti Fragile, alive, more harmonically built, because it always remains in perfect balance of all its layers.

Nothing is self-consuming like it is with the Fibonacci Sequence.

My hypothesis is that through the tilting, the bending of the Earth Axis the ways of the flow of Matter and the flow of Non Matter Matter have been slightly separated from each other and thus now not being harmonious and congruent and properly aligned to each other any more.

Meaning, as long as these two vibrations are in perfect balance, harmony and congruently phase-locked with each other, would be when Earth Axis is at an 90° angle, there is perfect harmony, life and resonance. The tilting of the axis however will bring in a phenomenon similar to a radio-broadcasting which is not properly tuned to the frequency and wavelength and so it’s not a clear signal.

Like there is a kind of a filter of distortion.

To speculate further that could mean that not 100% of the Non Matter Energy is coming in properly, but instead is creating some kind of parallel or sub dimensions or sub states like Parallel Earth, Inner Earth, Shambala, Agartha, other Frequency Pockets or distorted dimensional fields at the poles or such.

These places might even be ‘in the same spot’ but not perceivable and able to interact with each other because the matter, atoms, molecules and energies have a different Partiki Rotation Axis Angle !
Maybe we could say that the tilting of the Earth Axis has made a kind of Frequency Prism (Prison ?) out of our spinning Earth which prevents us, all beings here, to fully connect to our true full existing energetic potential and template.
With that explanation it would then be possible to even explain how atoms, particle and actual things could be in the exact same spot but in different dimensions and densities just because of different Partikum Partika Partiki Rotation Axis Angles.

And if one wants to speculate even further, we could think about the physical consequences of the Axis Tilting as what in our old Myths is called The Fall !

The falling out or apart with the Sacred Cosmic Harmony with consequences for all life, DNA, templates, beings, spirit, soul and body. Whatever might have caused that tilting and bending in the first place, we will find out as well; all together !

Meaning as well that to reverse The Fall, we simply learn to re-adjust and re-tune to the full harmony and are enlarging our band of Frequency Resonance with The All That Is aka The Pure Essence aka Life Itself !

Like tuning in again; that’s what so-called Ascension is all about – it’s that easy.

6.) The Living Cosmos – Singularity & How To Rotate The Moon

The True Motion of the Earth and how to start to rotate the Moon and other misunderstandings in our current view of our Solar System and Galaxy.


1. The Movement of Earth

We know Earth is doing the revolution around the sun and the rotation around itself, ok.

But what we didn’t understand until I discovered it, is why the Earth Axis is, while Earth is revolving round the Sun, seemingly fixed to a certain direction in Space when viewed from outside the Solar System. I know, science is telling you it is because of inertia but there is no such an inertia !

That’s why we obviously never really thought about it: We just never recognized that we don’t have a sufficient explanation for our own Earth’ movement – because it seems to be fix.

Think of Earth’ motion like the motion of the Moon, with one side always facing Earth, so-called phase-locked or tidally locked to the Sun, as the basic motion and then add to it a 24 hour rotation CCW and a daily Axis Angle Direction Forward Ticking Clock Wise, a little less than 1° per day.

That movement is what I’ve called the Syrian Dance.

It’s the kind of movement we think of when we describe the Wobble of Earth which leads to what is called The Precession of the Equinox.

Which brings us to the full understanding:

The movement of the Earth Axis (CW) is decided by the electromagnetic Re-flow of Earth,  that’s why to the right (CW). And it is a very highly probable guess that the Axis Tilting is as well being dominated by the magnetic flow: Meaning being for a long time feedback-treated by it’s own falsified and distorted electromagnetic pulse is what brought in and manifested the tilting more and more over the centuries.

You still think that the pyramids, megaliths and other Ley Line Connected buildings are positive for Life on Earth ?

Better think again. These places and the entities and ideas behind it are responsible for a lot of suffering which happend here on Earth and to us, Mankind !

They didn’t understand, or at least only half of the truth. And we all know that half truth is far worse than even Non Truth !
That Non-understanding of the full consequences of true natural science was responsible for not only the Atlantian Catastrophy but lot’s more; until this day !

Guess, you know, that even today all the secret societies, scientific fundamentals, Black Magic BS and all of that is still going back to that false understanding of the flow of energy and life !

Now, when we understand this, then we can start to do that what I always dreamed of:

To repair and heal the Earth, helping Earth to get her Axis straight up again, healing and balancing her field and with it the fields of all the beings here on Earth !

If we are true Masters of the understanding of life, we gonna do that just with consciousness, no need for material tools or machines but sure we can combine both, as for now, we have started to re-discover the tools to work in true alignment with nature and so sure we can use tools as well !

I guess, by now everybody should have understood that our and all nature’s DNA is heavily influenced by this field.

That’s why we have become humans who eventually die. That’s not our true original nature.

So, if this field is squeezed, which it is, our DNA is squeezed as well.
Btw. that is the reason for all this false and only half-true Fibonacci and Golden Mean, Flower of Life and Sacred Geometry Bullshit !

That is not the natural way how life is unfolding, extending and creating. The Fibonacci Sequence is the distorted version of the Krysthal Spiral (0,1,2,4,8,16,32,64,-). You call it the Geometric Sequence. 

Do these numbers seem familiar to you ?

Ah, yes,right, you got it: That’s the same number sequence upon which computers & chips are working; yeah, congratulations !

It has something to do with Scalar Waves, with their geometry:

Contrary to the Fibonacci Sequence, which is self-consuming, meaning from the 7. position (Value 55) onward there is no real growth anymore. It stays at the Golden Mean =1,6 !

But the Krysthal Spiral stays open within, meaning it remains in contact with all it’s parts, from the Source to the Manifested, which gives it plasma-like, living and balancing properties.

Or put simple: That’s what is called Life, alive, being connected and being in The Flow !

And btw: That’s why the number of possible Reincarnations is limited to 7. Because after the 7th position in the Fibonacci Sequence our original template is too much damaged to hold its form any longer and so it withers away to Space Dust !

Reincarnation in itself is unnatural.

I repeat: We are or at least were not meant to die this way at all !

This current kind of Reincarnation is a kind of emergency program that was invented to keep our options for Ascension aka Spiritual Evolution intact.

2. ) How To Rotate The Moon

Now understanding this will bring us to the next possible option of understanding that it is possible to start to rotate the moon, maybe again, and bring new life to our sister planet.
We could either think about doing it with technics by creating a field on the moon, which then will bring in the plasma, et voila, we will be able to create water, energy, atmosphere, etc. which itself will strengthen the field and the atmosphere even more so that the interference & resonance between the Earth and the Moon grows stronger until the point where we will have resonance which is nothing else as communication of forces !

Even more easy and probable is it when all this will happen while the Earth Axis is already straightening up, because then all three movements, the rotation and the revolution of Earth plus the revolution of the Moon around Earth, will happen in one vibratory or Oscillation Plane which heavily increases the chances of interference and thus interaction.

It’s a kind of an overtone, which is created in harmony with the Base Tones of each movement of it’s own.

If we learn to do this, there will be plenty of other planets and moons waiting for us. Ceres, Europa, planets in the Kuiper-belt and what not; yes indeed, an endless story. How fitting for beings who’s lifespan is endless as well, can you live with that ?

Are you able to live with yourself for an eternity, that’ s the real question here, my friends ?!

There will be no more running away from yourself !

3.) Galactic Distortions & Phantom Galaxies

I just want to mention this briefly, because this might be a little too much or too hard.

The process of awakening, ascension or becoming conscious is always paralleled with the healing of our surrounding and environment, because we are always interactively connected to our surrounding. So it is natural that we find out about the Axis Rotation Tilt and about how to heal it, while we are right now in the Awakening State, the healing which I mentioned above.

But it doesn’t end with the Earth and the Moon. No, this is just the beginning, here is a lot more to find out and to repair and heal, to fully understand the full history of the Earth, us and the Cosmos, of our Solar System, the Galaxy and The Beyond And we have to fully understand the history, for without understanding it there is no useful and beneficial acting.

We will learn how Galaxies are created: Naturally and what was done in creating unnatural ones by entities lacking full Krysthal Knowledge and full honor & integrity and the full knowledge of what is called the Kathara Grid !

So, I will stop here, because I just wanted to work out the direction where to go.

7.) Let’s Re-Tune The Solar System & How Stars Are Positioning

The Holoplasmatic Multiverse – Let’s Become Galactic Gardeners

Now, let’s re-tune the Solar System to the Natural Octave, let’s finish it up !

After we now have learned a lot new things about the plasma, that Magnetic and Gravitational are in fact one interconnected force, the Earth Axis and it’s tilting and the resulting fields and the inter-play of the different Planets with each other and with the Sun, we are trying to put it all into one picture. We are trying to find the one harmony in it: The true Natural Octave.

We start with our point of view, The Earth.

We have found out about The True Motion of Earth and it’s wobbling Axis throughout one year. I already talked a lot of what I have called The Syrian Dance and why the Earth Axis is pointing seemingly in to the same direction in the Greater Outer Space while revolving around the Sun (see above ).

I briefly mentioned it before, that with that new understanding it is very probable that the way we see our revolving around the sun is in fact not elliptical but in a circle, although that is not the critical point in my presentation here.
Because we did not understand the ticking clockwise of the Axis throughout one year, we have a very, very small mistake in our understanding of the positioning of Earth towards the Sun, which then resulted in thinking it’s an ellipse.

It is difficult to put that in proper words in a letter, because you have to see and understand it in your own mind or we put that new model into your computers and scientific simulations and than it will be easy to see and understand. A very Basic Simulation has already been shared by myself since 2017 !

Ok, now we have planets circling around the sun in circles probably according to their own Magnetic-Gravitational fields and interactions with the rest of the planetary family around in and beyond the Solar System.

A short off-topic reminder:

We recall that we humans tuned our harmonic scale according to what we found around us in nature in harmony. Maybe that renewed understanding of the harmonic structure of the nature of the Solar System and the Cosmos will help us to tune our musical scale back from which it is now:
440Hz = a

Which was installed international through Mr. Goebbels, prior to WW2, and The Rockefeller Foundation, because the pitch of this music is a little bit unnatural, kind of a little bit more aggressive which exactly was the purpose of it; sadly so !

But we can change it back to natural harmonics 432Hz = a !


So, now that we can understand the planets movements, their Axis Motion, their relation to each other, let’s look at the sun, there are a few open questions, too.

It is said that the sun is rotating and that it’s axis is tilted at a 7° angle versus the equator of the Solar System.

Why is this so ?

Is it really proven or just a deeply rooted assumption ?

Is this a kind of a balancing act between the forces being exchanged in between the planets and the sun ? Is there a constant interplay between the pull and push of the Magnetic Gravitational Forces of these planetary bodies ?
I am pretty sure that our new deepening understanding of The Plasma will help in solving this riddle as well and then we will be able to discern the positioning forces which determinate sun’s own position within our galaxy.

Is the sun moving through space ? Or is it fixed somehow to its position ? Or is it fixed only relatively to it’s outer environment and if so, how is nature operating and communicating the exchange of these forces ?

In simple terms: There are a lot of theories that the Sun itself is revolving around a Greater Star. Maybe around the galactic center, some say Alcyone (Tara ?!), etc. in circles aka spirals.
Sure, I’m aware that there are many explanations and interpretations of so-called Time-Lines of a lot of ancient calendars and such.

But is it really, actually true ?

Especially in the most New Age communities there is the belief that we are passing through different parts of our galaxy and they try to explain all the changes, all the prophecies, the quantum-leap in consciousness, changes in DNA and in life’s energy templates and all these topics with an increase of certain energies coming from the changed position in the galaxy and which are penetrating earth and it’s beings.

Although I admit that there are definitely a lot of strong interactions between energies coming in to earth and the living, conscious beings and their DNA on Earth; resulting in something which we could call Evolution, I more and more tend to think, that we again got the story wrong here again, got it up side down again:

We misunderstood cause with effect aka reaction again !

We always tend to find a materialistic reason for any developments and changes, so we tend to need to see some outside changes, like for example the sun is passing through different parts of the galaxy and thus different energetic compositions and so we are able to believe, that there is something changing.

It’s still the understanding of the universe as a mechanical machine, a clockwork, but not as a Living Thing aka Living Being.

So, let’s try to find a different explanation. We are on our way to completing the understanding of the interplay of forces within the Solar System.
Now, let’s for a moment forget that the sun is flying around in spirals through the galaxy but let’s assume Sun is relatively fixed.

What I try to suggest, is that there might be a different kind of moving and positioning taking place in between the different stars including their planets.
But this kind of moving is not like pulling or pushing them into rotational movements but it’s like a Magnetic-Vibrating-Humming-Pushing&Pulling Force.

Imagine the Solar System as a whole and imagine the forces it is radiating and pulling in as a whole because and it being alive, it is moving, shaking, vibrating and changing !

These forces, I imagine them as a Humming Magnetic Force, are responsible for how the different stars plus planets are positioning themselves to each other. And sure, there might be a kind of harmonic structure as well for bringing them into the right and appropriate balance to each other.

The Kathara Grid  – Natural Ones and Unnatural Ones

Here I’m coming to the end of my current physical understanding of our universe and that’s why I want to put these questions out, so we all together can go further to deepen our knowledge all together.

Some are suggesting that Star-Systems and maybe Galaxies themselves as well are positioning and balancing each other through distances and as well according to their angles towards each other.

Meaning the systems are tilted to a certain degree and angle away from each other which changes the flow of energy between them.

These connecting huge flows of energy between Stars and Star-Systems and as well between Galaxies is what is holding the entire cosmic structure together.

The Kathara Grid !

When we fully understand the ways these are operating then we can understand the current state of affairs in our galaxy and how healthy it is; where there are connections properly working and where there are maybe some blockages of the Energy Flow, meaning connection and interaction.

Maybe we gonna learn that these interplanetary energetic connections, if properly handled and understood, are that what many are assuming when talking about Star Portals and Star Gates.
Have you ever thought about what’s the difference between a Portal and a Gate ?

Are these different kind of Axis’ to connect through to different destinations ?

Probably it will be inevitable to start using words and descriptions like Density and Dimension to describe the true nature of our universe, but in a properly defined way !

Ok, I leave it here; just wanted to share these open questions with you.

Enjoy going further !

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8.) Reaching Out To The Stars 

Why that what we call Light is travelling a lot faster than the Speed of Light in Space !

The scheme of preplasmatic, scalar sound hierarchy of the Galactic, Inner Galactic, Inter Galactic and Extra Galactic spheres ak Space, the knowledge of the Scalar Preplasma Base Tones of Life aka Magnetic-Gravitational Scalar Wave & Field.

What I’m pretending, is that the light of the stars, no matter how far away, is not light which is coming like Out Of The Past !

Because our current science is pretending that light is only able to travel at the speed of light, which might maybe be correct on Earth or Earth’ atmosphere in a vacuum but not in space.

Light is not travelling as light, as an electromagnetic wave, through space.

It is riding on or better through the Preplasmatic Scalar Waves Field through space.

Space is not empty as we believed for a long time. It is a huge Scalar Wave Field through which an infinite number of overtones and undertones are moving in almost Real-Time.
It’s because of the Geometry of The Scalar Wave – that’s the Clou:

The scalar wave is tunneling the light, the impulse of that light, through itself, along the geometry of the Krysthal spiral (1,2,4,8,16,32,64,-) whereas this light gets tunneled nearly infinite times, which is giving it this incredible near Real-Time speed.
Only after this light-impulse is touching Earth and Earth’ atmosphere it will become and behave and move in the way of what we think light is and does.

Probably every Planet has its own Base Tone, every Solar System, every Galaxy, every individual human being, every being, every species, every individual, etc.
My guess would be that all this is far below 20 Hz, which is said to be the bottom limit of the human ear.

Which is not true. I, myself, am hearing below this 20 Hz. I guess, that is caused by 20 years of Didgeridoo playing, kind of a training to dive deep into the low frequency range.

All these Base Tones together are forming the Preplasmatic Base Tone of this Universe.

For traveling, especially very far distances, the frequencies around
0,0000000000000000000000000000000000001 Hz might be used.

Somewhere near what Einstein called the Cosmic Konstant, maybe not only for the light to travel but for our own Space-Travel as well.

Btw. this Scalar Wave Field is the so much discussed Quantum Computer or better Plasma Computer. Voilà, it’s all here already, you just have to log in. It’s free and has mega upload and download speed !

In ancient times it was called: The Akashic Record and upload and download may just be a change of spin: One is to the left (CCW) and the other one to the right (CW).

If one is interested in these things, one can now go on finding a lot of new consequences emerging from that basic model.

What does the Red Shift actually tell us ? What is left of Mr Einstein’s theories at all ? Two parallels crossing in the infinity !?

Surely not in a Scalar Wave Field, because there we have closed field-lines and not open field-lines, my dear little stupid Albert !

Spacetime ? Utter Nonsense !

How can there be Spacetime if there is no physical Time at all ?

It’s merely a concept in our brains !

Do we have to rethink the distances out there in space as well ?

Anyway, today I want to keep it short and leave it up to all of you to delve deeper into these open questions for yourself.

I just wanted to eradicate that ugly imagination, that out there are endless lonely and lost Light Corpuscles flying chaotically through space and time without sense, beauty, reason and meaning at all, coming from different times,  especially knowing that there is no mechanical time at all !

Meaning No Beginning and No End ! Doesn’t that sound beautiful ?

Additionally, it is a very ugly and unsexy image, looking at the Stars thinking that half of the Stars you think you see are already dead or there are billions of Stars more which you are not able to perceive, because the light is not here yet.
It feels a little like listening to the mail-box of a friend who recently had died – not really nice and sweet.

No, I’m pretty sure that’s not the way it works. It’s a too materialistic and reductionist way to look at things, especially at Life & Cosmos.

Yes and in the end it will all boil down to recognizing that our current science will have to say farewell to the so-called Big Bang Theory.

Sorry for you guys but that was just an idea in your heads.

Best wishes and sincerely Yours,

Stefan, The Guy with the Earth Axis,

From Austria with Love !

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